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Samsung announces 10 million Galaxy Note 3s shipped

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is leaving its predecessors in the dust – it sold 5 million units in the first month of availability and now a month later the …

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Google starts rolling out Android 4.4.2 to Nexus devices

Shortly after the 4.4.1 update, Google has now started rolling out the 4.4.2 update for the Nexus devices. Whereas the previous update focused on improving the camera performance on the Nexus …

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active gets a Snapdragon 800 version

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active version with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset joined the “regular” SHV-E330S Galaxy S4 in SK-Telecom’s smartphone lineup in Korea. As expected, the smartphone comes with support for …

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China Mobile will open iPhone pre-orders in three days

China Mobile is opening iPhone pre-orders this Thursday (that’s three days from now) ahead of launching its LTE network on December 18. The information comes straight off a carrier representative, …

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Apple strikes a deal to offer the iPhone on China Mobile.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Apple has struck a deal with China Mobile to officially sell the iPhone on the carrier. The deal is said to …

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Nokia Lumia 1520 at a glance

Lagging behind Android in hardware specs for what seemed like ages, WP8 managed to catch up in one fell swoop. With the Lumia 1520 at the spearhead, Nokia evened the …

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Nexus phone releases are timed to let Google have the last word

Nexus phone releases are timed to let Google have the last word – and what a way to have it! A phone that matches any flagship on specs and premieres …

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Sony Xperia C review: Cash and carry

The China-bound Sony Xperia C could be the right opportunity to smuggle some big-screened, quad-core goodness into markets where those things usually fetch a high price. It’s certainly the right …

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