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BlackBerry Z30 review: Against the odds

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The BlackBerry Z30 launches in time of crisis and will be looked upon as the savior, or end up as the one that witnessed the company’s undoing. Market share has hit the fan, as RIM of old which stood for innovation and vision, has turned into the money-losing, job-cutting, CEO-swapping, rescue-deal-awaiting BlackBerry that we have now.

Yet, in the middle of all this, another flagship gets unleashed to hopefully help and turn around the shrinking market share and ease the pressure from all sorts of competition. The BB 10 OS was indeed a great comeback, especially from such a conservative company, but the Z10 failed to become the kick-starter many thought – hoped – it would be. It’s now the BlackBerry Z30’s turn but the company may have already lost the smartphone battle and now running in survival mode.

The Z30 isn’t BlackBerry’s first smartphone to entirely break up with the old ways and go after the multimedia powerhouses of the competition. In fact, a five-incher must’ve been on the cards ever since the 4.2″ Z10 appeared early this year. This sure looks like a steep increase in screen size but Blackberry must’ve been aware of the fact that they needed to catch up and do it fast. It’s a 720p Super AMOLED display too, a second for the company after the Q10, but the first full-scale touchscreen.

The Z30 is powered by an upgraded Qualcomm chipset with a more recent GPU and has better battery backup than the preceding Z10. The latest version, 10.2, of the BB OS brings lockscreen notifications, a new instant preview and reply feature, new Priority Hub, updated system apps, USB host and more.